Hello beautiful! It’s nice to finally meet you.. My name is Jess and I am a content creator from The Netherlands. I’m half Ecuadorian and half Dutch. As a creative I am always busy, brainstorming and working on my next idea so I can share it with my community.  

I felt like I needed something physical of my own, something that my hands would make, something that would make me feel feminine, proud, happy. That’s how I want you to feel when you wear your earrings.

Jess Pennartz Studio Vaia polymer clay earrings
Studio Vaia came to life during a pandemic. Yes, Studio Vaia started in the middle of an uncertain time and it slowly brought me joy, inspiration and peace.
I encourage you to shine brighter when you wear your pieces. I challenge you to lift other women up and never ever forget that whenever you have styled you Studio Vaia statement earrings, you can take on anything!

With all that being said.. Welcome to the club, gorgeous!
I'll be here to hype you up, no matter what.